About us

Through innovation, experience, and employee diversity, Backconnect provides the latest cutting edge solutions to its clients.

Dedicated to our clients and employees.

Backconnect was founded to fill a void in the IT network security industry by providing solutions that embody both integrity and transparency. Our company is committed to continuously improve and adapt to ensure that our clients always have the most cutting edge security and performance solutions on the market.

Open Source Technology

Leveraging open source technology allows us to provide tested and secure custom solutions.


Unparalleled Security

Our employees' innovation and experience enable us to provide our clients the highest levels of security.


Transparent Support Team

We provide transparent and honest communication to ensure our clients are never left in the dark.

Technology runs in our DNA

Our Story

Our founding members unique blend of backgrounds combine to create a well-rounded organization that is able to tackle any challenge. By embodying our core values we are able to provide our clients and employees the best experience possible.

Core Values

  • Provide honest and transparent communication.
  • Solve problems before they occur.
  • Reliability and adaptability
  • Always strive to improve.
  • Give back to the community.


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