DNS DDoS Protection

BackConnect offers always-on DNS DDoS mitigation which automatically detects and mitigates any attacks targeting DNS servers.

BackConnect DNS DDoS Mitigation

Supported by a globally anycasted redundant network and open-source multi-layered security stack, BackConnect's DDoS mitigation service protects against any DDoS attack.

  • Layers 3 Through 7 DDoS Mitigation
  • Advanced Firewall Rulesets for Whitelisting Queries
  • Optional Query Thresholds
  • Transparent Security

How it works

DNS Protection

BackConnect's DNS protection is enabled by changing your DNS records to ensure that all traffic to your domain(s) is routed through BackConnect's network before reaching its origin destination.

Once traffic is routed to our network, it is ingested at the nearest BackConnect Point-of-Presence (PoP) where our security stack actively inspects and mitigates malicious traffic. The reverse proxy also obfuscates/masks the origin server's IP so that attacks cannot directly target backend infrastructure.

This is all done at line-rate to ensure no latency is added to client services. In addition, BackConnect's neural network AI ensures zero false positives by blocking malicious traffic rather than IPs.



AI Powered Mitigation

BackConnect's AI powered security stack automatically detects and filters malicious traffic to stop any type of DDoS attack against your DNS service. This ensures instant mitigation without the need for manual intervention. In the case of zero-day attacks, BackConnect's team of experts are on standby to adjust security rules to keep your service protected.

DNS Performance Enhancements

DNS queries are cached across BackConnect's global anycast network allowing all subsequent queries to be resolved from the nearest BackConnect point of presence. This lessens the load on your DNS server while also accelerating its performance.


Comprehensive Protection

BackConnect's DNS protection works in synch with all other BackConnect security services to ensure your entire internet infrastructure stack is protected from all malicious traffic.

Why Choose BackConnect?

Fast and Easy Setup

Our DDoS mitigation services can be easily setup same day, without the need for any additional hardware or software. This translates to less downtime when under attacks and misconfiguration during setup.

Pricing That Makes Sense

Sometimes it feels like security companies take advantage of those targeted by DDoS attacks by charging premium "under attack fees." BackConnect promises to offer affordable protection without taking advantage of those in an unfortunate situation.

Open-Source Multi-Layer Security

Our multi-layered, open-source security stack means thousands of experts have reviewed the code used to build our network and security foundation. This is the only way to ensure that our service has the least amount of vulnerabilities possible.

Tier 3, 24x7 Support

BackConnect has around the clock personalized support from experienced staff members. We offer clients a variety of communication methods such as phone, e-mail, ticketing, and live chat to ensure any issues you face are solved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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