Network Architecture

BackConnect runs a globally anycasted redundent network to elminate downtime and ensure our clients stay online when under attack.

Globally Anycasted Redundant Network

Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington DC, London, Amsterdam
network map

Datacenter Locations

Global coverage for optimal performance.

Los Angeles

Located in the heart of LA at 600 West 7th Street, our PoP in Equinix LA1 is positioned to mitigate threats from Asia and connect our clients on the west coast.


Located in the tech hub of Texas, our Dallas facility allows for low latency connections to centeral america while providing increased mitigation capacity. Our datacenter is connected via darkfiber to the Dallas grid, allowing easy setup of cross connects and MPLS.

Washington DC

BackConnect operates its East coast PoP in the state of the art Equinix DC2 facility. Home to a wide range of networks, enteprise, CDN's, and financial instiutions, this location allows us to provide low latency and obtain access to all major ISPs.


Our UK operations are centered in East India Dock House, the largest purpose-built data center campus in London and one of the most prominent colocation datacenters in Europe. This location adds redundancy to our main European PoP in Amsterdam and provides low latency to financial and other instutions located in the UK.


Located in Global Switch Amsterdam, this world-class data center acts as our main European PoP while being just under 2 miles away from Amsterdam's financial district.

Network Features

Architected to stop the largest and most complex online threats.

Massive Mitigation Network

BackConnect's global network footprint includes DDoS attack scrubbing centers in Los Angeles, Washington DC, London, and Frankfurt. This global footprint enables us to stop the largest DDoS attacks in the world, anywhere in the world.

Fully Redundent Infrastructure

We anycast our entire network and deploy fully redundent mitigation and networking hardware to ensure our clients have the least exposure to network downtime. In addition, our open source based technology leverages only the most mature software in which we personally vet to ensure the highest quality of service to our clients.


Blazing Fast Services

Our global anycast footprint enables us to provide low latency services to clients located in North America and Europe. We closely monitor our upstream providers to ensure our services take the most optimal routes at all times. This combination of technology and network expertise translates to low latency and happy end users.

Flexible Networking Options

Aside from the standard methods of delivering services, BankConnect offers cutting-edge virtual connection solutions. These options help to enhance security and lower posibility of inferference from outside sources. Combining the old with the new, BackConnect is able to provide the perfect tailor made solution for any infrastructure, small or large.


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